The process or discipline that relate to the creation of video games is known as video game development. A set or group of people, or an individual that engage in the development of video games are said to be Video Games Developer. These set of people are one categories of software developers. Their specialization in video games differentiate them from other software developers.

Video game developers range from an individual who engage in all the tasks to a large group of people in which responsibilities are being divided unto them according to their specialization. The group can further be subdivided into the following disciplines; programmers, graphic designers, game testers, artists, and unsurprisingly, game marketers.

Most companies that engage in video games development usually have financial and marketing support to publish their game. Game developers that sponsor themselves are regarded as Independent developers.

Video game developers do specialize in specific types of games. While some focus shooting games, some might focus on brain teasing games, while others might focus on sporting games. Some developers also specilize in translation of games from one language to another, while some focus on transfering gamr from one port to another.

Since their primary activity still based on publishing, they are often referred to as Publishers rather than developers. In short, video game developers are people who create and publish computer games, consoles games, online games, arcade games, mobile phones games and other various devices.

Development of video games can take about 3 years to finalize and it can involve groups of 200 experts. Other disciplines in video game development are network, audio manager, engine, artificial intelligence and tool chain, special effects technician, editor and producer.

Developers can be categorized as first party, second party, third party and independent developers.

  1. First party developers are part of a company that manufacture video games. A first party developers might initially be an independent developer which is later acquired by a company.
  2. Second party developer is a casual term that is commonly used by gaming enthusiass. It is also being used by the media two describe two various types of gaming studios; studio owned by an individual, and studio that is partly or fully owned by a company. Whatever game that is being published by the developers are exclusive to the company.
  3. The third party developers does not necessarily need to be part of the company that create and publish the video game. They might be responsible for the provision of accessories for the gaming consoles.
  4. Independent developers are developers that are not dependent on a single publisher. These set of developers publish their games by themselves and publicize it using the internet or humans mouth to mouth publicity. Their products are usually less recognized if the marketing is not done properly. Some independent developers are being hired by several game publisher but this is less common nowadays. Rather than acquiring independent developers, these companies are becoming internal studios.